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Who am I?

My name is Alan Davies and I have been a secondary school teacher of Science, Mathematics and ICT for 20 years. I was Head of Chemistry for 12 years and Head of Sixth Form for 6 years. I am able to deliver tuition for all subjects in both English and Welsh.

Why choose me?

I am a professional tutor with many years experience of teaching pupils and students between 11 and 19. Not only have I taught a number of subjects to GCSE and A-Level standard, I have taken an active interest in the well-being of my students and take the pastoral aspect of tutoring and teaching very seriously.
As Head of Sixth Form, I was responsible for implementing pastoral policy as well as guiding students with regard to careers and UCAS applications.
I am extremely enthusiastic about learning and positively passionate about the subjects that I tutor. I ran many science clubs and revision workshops in my spare time and during school holidays.
In addition I have served on a panel advising the Welsh Government with regard to bilingual learning resources and have delivered INSET sessions to teachers (on behalf of RCT LEA) on how to effectively integrate the use of whiteboards into their lessons.

My Academic Background

I studied Pharmacology at Cardiff University (UWCC) (1987-1990) and worked for 3 years in laboratories, gaining a Diploma in Biomedical Techniques at the University of Wales College of Medicine (1990-1993) having won a studentship from the Medical Research Council. During this time, I had the opportunity to teach practical techniques to medical students, which led me to study for a PGCE (Secondary) at the University of Wales Aberystwyth (1993-1994) before gaining my first appointment.


Tuition at My Home, Daytime and Evening 0830 - 1930.
See Contact Details for Location.


I am able to offer tuition for GCSE Biology and A-Level Biology.


I am able to offer tuition for GCSE Chemistry and A-level Chemistry.


I am able to offer tuition for GCSE Physics.


I am able to offer tution for GCSE Maths.


Most students prefer individual sessions as these can be tailored to their specific needs. An action plan is formulated during the first session.


Some students prefer to study with friends. This may be a suitable solution for some as it can provide additional effective discussion. These sessions also carry a 20% discount.

Cram Sessions

Some students require a few sessions in a short space of time or one long session as opposed to regular sessions. This is no problem. However book early.

A-Level Preparation

Students hoping to study Chemistry at A-level may find the mathematics a little challenging, especially if they studied "Double Science" (Core and Additional) as opposed to GCSE Chemistry. I offer a "catch-up" programme.


As a former Head of Sixth Form I had to check over 50 personal statements every year and provide feedback and suggestions. This can be an anxious time for students. I can offer a statement checking service for a small fee.

Mature Students

Mature students are most welcome. Whether you want to study mathematical skills for an FE or HE course or are studying for a level 2 or 3 qualification (any board), no problem. I can also advise on techniques for practical examinations.

Skype Sessions

Although nothing can really replace side by side sessions, I can provide tuition via Skype (or Lync). These sessions require the student to have access to a Skype (or Lync) account and a reasonably good broadband connection. Group Skype meetings (or Lync video conferences) are also possible.

Web Programming

Do you have an interest in creating websites? I have advanced skills in HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and Javascript, and have considerable experience with frameworks such as Laravel and jQuery. If you would like to learn how to 'code' in general or build a database-driven website, ask for my web course.


A few references from students past and present and their parents...

"Alan did a fantastic job tutoring my son for Biology A-level. He was extremely patient and always went the extra mile."
J.B., Pontyclun
"Tutored my daughter through A level Biology. Every lesson she would come away with a solid understanding of the topics she had previously been struggling with. Not only did the lessons help with the A Level but they will give her a good grounding for her university studies. Also, very fairly priced for such high quality tutoring."
C.E., Pontyclun
"Alan tutored my son for chemistry and physics GCSE, he made a real difference as my son finally understood some of the more difficult topics. He passed with good grades. Thank you very much!"
E.D., Pontyclun
"Can highly recommend. My son has been attending Ardpont Cyf for a while now, and has made excellent progress in science and maths, in preparation for GCSE exams. Alan is highly qualified and uses a variety of methods to ensure understanding. Thank you for your patience !"
A.D., Brynsadler
"Would like to highly recommended Alan, my daughter enjoyed each tuition session and it gave her better understanding of Biology and she completed her AS exam full of confidence. Thank you."

B.L., Cardiff
"I recommend without hesitation the tuition services of Mr. Alan Davies. We have found him to be reliable, punctual and very amenable. Our 16 year old daughter has benefited hugely from his quietly enthusiastic and knowledgeable one to one guidance and she feels more confident and well prepared for her upcoming GCSE examinations, and for this we are truly grateful."
P.H, Groesfaen


Is tutoring suitable for me?

Tutoring is certainly not a "magic bullet" and may not be appropriate for every child. However, I assess every student's situation and provide recommendations. Often students will be lacking in confidence rather than anything else, so it is imperative that the tutor is able to recognise this and support your child in the most appropriate manner. Teachers, both former and practising should be able to do this.

Is tuition expensive?

Tuition prices reflect the amount of work involved with preparing, delivering and evaluating a session. I prepare thoroughly for each session, provide paper-based resources, such as past papers, short notes and assess homework tasks. Some tutors do not provide resources nor do they assess work outside of the session.

Price List

Is this a hobby for you?

Certainly not! I am a full time tutor and take my responsibilities very seriously. Some individuals undertake tuition for some "pocket money" or may "moonlight". Beware of university students offering tuition - they do not have experience with examination boards nor will they be able to support the non-academic or pastoral needs of your child. My registered company has Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance.

Do you make visits?

Unfortunately, not at this time. My insurance only covers me at my home. In addition, the time spent travelling and fuel costs would make the cost of tuition more expensive, possibly prohibitively so. I am very flexible with my hours and will always try to accommodate students. My sessions start at 0830 and run on until 1930. Occasional weekend bookings may be taken too. Please enquire regarding this as I have two teenagers at home!

Where can I go?

You are most welcome to park outside the house, but cold winter evenings aren't much fun. Luckily, Pontyclun has a number of places to "hang out" and relax. The Ivor pub just down the road; during the day, Porcellini's and the Deli provide good quality refreshments in relaxing surroundings and Leekes is also open until late. If you're a visitor to Pontyclun, have a stroll around the village. We have many varied and interesting shops and an art gallery. Alternatively, I could just bring you a coffee or tea as you read your paper.

What goes on?

Typically sessions will involve a lot of discussion, explanation and ensuring that the student understands certain concepts and principles. This understanding will be assessed with paper-based exercises in addition to oral questioning. I do not believe in just providing students with an opportunity to supply answers to past paper questions, although this may form part of a session. Exam technique and confidence building are also of paramount importance.

What plans do you have?

Students usually apply for a series of tutorials over a period of time, sometimes without a specified end. This allows me to "block book" sessions for that student. I will attempt to ascertain the likely period of time that a student may require tuition in the first session having drawn up an action plan. Other students may wish to book sessions on an ad-hoc basis. This is also fine, but obviously, I will not be able to guarantee specific times and days. In addition, group sessions and skype (or lync) sessions are available and carry a discount. I aim to be as flexible as possible.

How do I pay?

As a rule, sessions are paid for on the day, I do not accept payments in advance nor allow accrual of debts (although we all forget our wallets sometimes!). I will accept cash, cheque (Made out to "ARDPONT Cyf."), direct bank transfer and PayPal payments. There is no discount for cash as everything paid into the company (ARDPONT Cyf.) and I am, at present, unable to accept direct card payments. Again, I aim to be as flexible as possible, with a wide range of payment methods.

Feel free to contact me through the medium of English or Welsh. Bydd yn bleser i drafod 'da chi trwy'r Gymraeg.

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